Services & Rates

Therapeutic Massage

90 minutes: $100

Therapeutic Massage - Deep Tissue, Structural Integration, Lymphatic Massage, Geriatric Massage. I combine techniques to create a wellness session designed just for you.


6 x 60 : $300

I teach Yin Yoga. Our focus is on body wellness. Improve breathing, posture, and flexibility. It' these things that keep us young.


2 x 60 : $125.00

Become the person you "want" to be. Hypnotherapy can help you change behaviors that are holding you back. Quit smoking, change your eating habits, control your anxiety. 

We'll spend an hour or so identifying the problem. I use the information you provide to create an individualized hypnotherapy script. Hypnotherapy session takes about an hour. It's just that easy.

Hypnotherapy helps bring our desired behavior in line with our actual behavior. If you want to change, we can make that happen.